*Don’t forget to state that the copyright of all media assets belongs to your company and that you want credit for use. If you’re not sure how to word that, speak to your lawyer.
*Include your company’s contact details for press inquires, either your press office or officer.

When you’re ready to contact the press directly for some outward-bound press action, having a press section on your website will also serve as an organized foundation for your campaign because all the basics are already packaged and ready for use. To share your big news, you’ll send a fresh full story-specific press kit to journalists. It should include a press release plus these standard facts — often called ‘proof points’ in business lingo. For now the following information needs to be live online and you should include as many details that are relevant to your business as possible.

Tick List:

*Chief Executives and/or Founders Bio Sheet
*Company FAQ Sheet:
— Brief statement explaining what you do
— Date opened
— HQ location plus location and/or number of other offices
— Number of staff
— Main products and/or services description including a brief breakdown of features
— Cost of main products/services
— Dates for when main products/services were launched
— Location of where those products/services are produced
— Customer data including names of big clients and statistics
— Where you sell your products/services including listing digital platforms
— Industry size and your position in it
— Industry certifications or awards
— Revenue statistics
— Growth statistics
— Names of major investors
— Statistics for investment fundraising
*Media Assets
— Logo
— Photos of C-level executives and/or founders
— Photos of your company/office
— Other relevant photos or videos (products, services, events etc.)
— Screenshots of web products or apps that illustrate what you’re doing
NB: these need to be high quality and in raw/editable form for news organizations to be able to publish them.
*Press Releases
— Update this area to keep your news feed fresh. Keep past releases in your feed. It helps journalists provide historical context because it clearly documents just how much you’ve grown.
*Press Contact Details
— This could be for your press office or an individual from the marketing team that’s been designated to oversee inquires. For example, use press@mycompany.com or the name/title/email/phone for your marketing team member that is responsible for press. Title examples for individuals include Press Officer, Head of Press and Director of Communications.