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5 Makeup Tips for people whose eyes get watery!

Updated: Mar 29, 2020


The worst feeling is when you've just finished creating an amazing makeup look on yourself and you attempt to finish it off with some amazing lashes and you realise your eyes are starting to water - the tears stream down your face ruining your eyeliner, concealer and highlighter. Turning your perfect makeup look into a streaky mess, destroying every chance of getting your lashes stuck on in one go!

Watery eyes are the worst and once it starts its almost like it can't stop! We've all been there and been betrayed by those watery eyes. However we've done some research and found that there could be a number of things causing your eyes to water, but there are also a number of ways to prevent it from happening, in this article we'll be giving you 5 tips plus some extra's on how to avoid this problem!

Tip 1: Use eyedrops at least 30 minutes before applying your makeup.


If you think your teary eyes could be due to irritants or foreign bodies in your eyes you can opt to buy an over the counter artificial tear, which can add more liquid to your eyes and flush out whatever may be causing the problem with your eyes. Make sure you choose one without preservatives and that isn't targeted towards redness relief, as these particular eye drops can become addictive and leave you worse off than when you started. Make sure you follow the product guidelines and instructions when applying the eyedrops.

Tip 2: Use hypoallergenic makeup.

Your tears could be a result of an allergic reaction to something in your makeup. Look for hypoallergenic mascara, eyeshadow and eyeliner, particularly avoid any products with common allergens like Parabens, Sulfates, Petroleum based ingredients or Silicones.

Brands like Bobbi Brown, Clinque and Almay have been known to provide hypoallergenic eye makeup products, however make sure to double check the ingredients and ask someone at the makeup counter for help before making any purchases.

If you think you are allergic to something in your makeup, it may be worth working out what may be the problem through a process of elimination by removing one product at a time from your makeup routine and seeing if theres any notable differences.

Tip 3: Make sure all your brushes are clean and your makeup hasn't expired.


The most common reasons for people with styes which can also cause watery eyes, is when people have used expired makeup which have been contaminated by bacteria, as well as using dirty brushes and sharing makeup and brushes with other people.

Did you know makeup has an expiry date? In fact you can check the 'period after opening' time by looking for a symbol that looks like an open cosmetic pot which would usually have the months you can use the product for written on it e.g. 12M indicating that once the product has been opened you should only use it for 12 months, after-which the product would usually be contaminated with bacteria and would've lost its overall quality. It's recommended to replace your mascara every 2 to 3 months, every time you pump your mascara wand, it brings air into the tube, which dries out the product and exposes it to bacteria. Also note that liquid makeup is more likely to spoil than powder, so if it smells bad or dries out throw it out.

Using clean makeup brushes is equally as important, not only do your makeup brushes soak up your makeup, but they also soak up oil and bacteria. Which can get into your eyes and cause all sorts of infections, regular washing is needed to avoid this. Brushes can be washed with hand soap, dish washing soap or shampoo and luke-warm water, then just make sure your brushes are thoroughly dry and clean before you use them again.

One of the causes of styes is from people sharing their makeup products or brushes with friends, or when someone has gone to a makeup artist who didn't clean their brushes between clients or when using a tester at a beauty counter. Try to avoid sharing products such as mascara and eyeliners to avoid this problem, when booking a makeup artist make sure they are not double dipping mascara and eyeliner, they should also be using disposable mascara wands and clean brushes.

Tip 4: Tilt your head back and lift your chin up.

This is a pretty straight forward one, if your eyes start to water whilst you're doing your makeup, tilt your head back and lift your chin up, take a few deep breaths and look up. Try not to blink too much, as it will cause the tears to roll down your face. Try to also think about something else this will distract you and to stop the tears.

Tip 5: Keep Tissue Ready

Its not uncommon that a tear or two may still manage to escape, in this case make sure to be prepared by keeping some tissues to catch any tears before they ruin your makeup.

Bonus Tips!

If its too late and those annoying tears have already fallen down your face here are some things you can do to fix your makeup:


1. Sometimes watery eyes can stop your lashes from sticking down or even worse sometimes the ends of your lashes will pop off the corners of your eyes whilst you're out and about. Here are some things you can do to avoid these embarrassing moments, once you notice the water coming in contact with your lashes and the glue, take off the lashes. Don't attempt to force them down, they wont stick well and will end up popping off later, instead gently pat your eyes dry with a tissue, do not rub them as this could cause further irritation to your eyes and ruin your makeup. Then also use a tissue or cotton bud to carefully pat dry the lashes, make sure to pay close attention to drying down the lash band. If needed allow the lashes to air dry for a few minutes, then try to reapply the lashes, once you've applied the lashes give yourself a moment to get used to them being on by tilting your your head back and taking a few deep breaths whilst you adjust (see Tip 4). You should then be left with beautifully applied lashes and hopefully no tears in sight.

2. If the tears have fallen all the way down your face, you may be thinking your beautifully applied makeup has just been completely ruined, but there's a way to still rectify it! Just grab yourself a tissue and gently dap away the tears, DO NOT WIPE this will ruin your makeup and will leave you with a streaky mess. If your notice any small smudges just take your powder and do a couple of light sweeps over that area, it'll be as good as new again.

3. Last bonus tip - this is a bit more of a tricker one, so will take a bit of practice. If you notice that when your eyes water it settles right in the creases of your eyes and ruins your concealer, you can try to fix it by following these steps:

- First gently dap away the tears.

- Then taking the brush you used to apply your concealer and then using the smallest bit of concealer just to coat the brush, definitely not as much concealer as your used the first time round - remember you can always add but you cant take away, so start light and add more if you think you need it.

- Then gently tap it into the area needed, use a beauty blender or makeup sponge to gently blend it in with the preexisting makeup.

- Then finish off with some setting powder.

Your makeup should be as good as new. But like we said this will take a bit of practice to get it completely perfect, so don't worry if you don't get it completely right the first time, practice makes perfect.


JC Beauty does not provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Any information published on this website or by this brand is not intended as a substitute for medical advice, and you should not take any action before consulting with a healthcare professional.

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