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Our Ultimate Lockdown Self-Care Guide

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

It wouldn't be an understatement to say what we're going through feels like some sort of thriller or even in the worst cases a horror movie. These are very uncertain times and I know for many people is filled with a lot of fear and anxiety. Self-isolation and social distancing has now become the new norm in order for us to get through this, but at the same time its important for us to take care of our mental state and general well-being in order to get through this in the most positive way as possible.

In these times its important to listen to your mind and body and give it what it needs guilt free. Self-care is often about disconnecting with the world (more importantly the scaremongering media) and putting your needs first, however making sure you're still informed.

I have put together an ultimate self-care guide with tips to help get through this, as we work together to eventually say goodbye to this Corona problem.

1. Keep moving by trying to commit to a daily workout

Exercise has a number of physical and mental benefits for your health. You can experience these benefits from anything as little as a 30 minute jog or walk, doing this as well as short and intense workouts can be enough to get your endorphins running and give you a sense of achievement.

Even if you don't have a lot equipment, at-home bodyweight workouts are great and still allow you to have a good fitness routine. You can use bodyweight exercises to work on nearly every muscle in your body, from your quads (squats) to your bum (glute bridges) to your chest (you may have to try some push-ups!) to your core (get ready for the plank variations!). These will help you get in shape and also boost your positivity.

2. Binge on your favourite shows and movies

With the additional time we have, now that we're all in stuck at home, you now have the

opportunity to binge on all those shows and movies you just never had the chance to watch. With streaming platforms like Netflix, Now TV, Disney+, Hayu and Amazon Prime theres plenty for you to choose from. A friend of mine put together a list of recommended TV shows which have been ordered by category making it easier for you to choose from:

Dark Mystery/Thrillers

  • Mind Hunter - Netflix

  • Dexter - Now TV

  • The Society - Netflix

  • Hannibal - Netflix

  • The Outsider - Now TV

  • The Alientist - Netflix

  • Dirty John - Netflix


  • Ozark - Netflix

  • Narcos - Netflix

  • Seven Seconds - Netflix

  • Elite - Netflix

  • How to get away with murder - Netflix

  • 13 Reasons Why - Netflix

  • You - Netflix

  • Money Heist - Netflix

  • Power - Netflix

  • Self-Made: Inspired by the life of madam C.J. Walker


  • The Mist - Netflix

  • The Boys - Amazon Prime

  • The Punisher - Netflix

  • Stranger Things - Netflix

  • The Vampire Diaries - Netflix

  • The Originals - Netflix

  • Locke and Key - Netflix

  • Riverdale - Netflix


  • Prison Break - Netflix

  • The Sopranos - Now TV

  • Greys Anatomy - Amazon Prime

  • Orange is the new black - Netflix

  • The Wire - Now TV

  • Gilmore Girls - Netflix

  • Gossip Girl - Netflix

  • Friends - Netflix


  • F is for Family - Netflix

  • Big Mouth - Netflix

  • Rick & Morty - Netflix